Build muscles in clay on a specially designed skeleton, and imprint the body’s design deeply into your mind and body. 

Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ is an effective, engaging and fun way to learn Anatomy. 

By building the muscles yourself, a deep understanding of the structure and function of the human body is easily achieved and integrated into your practice.


Michael Lots
Balanced Body® Faculty Member

Michael Lots is a Pilates master trainer, fitness instructor and personal trainer with more than 15 years of experience. A former boxer, he has been interested in sports since his teenage years and practices several disciplines : boxing, rugby, swimming, golf. Michael started his career as a Tax specialist in the financial industry but never gave up his first love, sports, by teaching during his spare time. In 2008, he decided to totally change his career path by quitting his corporate job and founding his first personal training & Pilates studio after having followed intensively the Balanced Body® Pilates training programs. Now the owner of Bhealthy personal training & Pilates studio and Balanced Body® Faculty member for Belgium, Michael keeps educating himself to meet his clients’ demands and high expectations. He is currently pursuing a DO in Ostheopathy at Swiss International College of Ostheopathy.